Chick flicks decoded

Want to know what the fundamental difference is between a guy’s movie and girl’s movie?

In an action flick the hero is constantly making instantaneous life and death decisions. Grab that weapon. Shoot the guy on the left first, then the one on the right. Jump now. Drop just a little more sand before you grab the idol. Turn! Run! Dodge! Parry! Thrust! Ten thousand decisions made in less than two hours in order to save the world.

A chick flick on the other hand is two incredibly long hours about making one decision. And the decision is treated as if it is the difference between life or death, but most of the the time its whether she should date Guy A or Guy B. Or sometimes its about the super critical choice as to whether or not she should (hold on to your hats) let herself like a guy.

Ever wonder why men tend to squirm a lot during a chick flick? It’s not because the subject matter is too gushy or romantic. No, its because we’re thinking, “Come on already, make a decision and move on!”


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