This vs. That

Who do you think would win?


My thoughts: The normal agility and sneakiness of the ninja squad was greatly compromised once they became zombies, thus their effectiveness as assassins was fairly low despite their former black belt status.  The monkeys on the other hand became even more irate upon the zombies intrusion into the popular monkey drag bar, “The Banana Hammock” where they were mid-way through their annual Cher-fest.  Their familiarity and comfort level with wearing feminine garments also proved to be an advantage when they turned their handbags, necklaces, braziers and scarves into weaponry.  As the last zombie’s brains were beat out, everyone joined in a chorus of “Do You Believe in Love After Love.”


2 thoughts on “This vs. That

  1. Here is the thing: To the best of my knowledge monkeys know/love to attack the groin and face areas to disable an enemy so it can no longer fight. Zombies (ninja or regular) will not cower away once their genitalia have been gnawed off. Do monkeys know to destroy the brain? How many of their ranks will fall before they smarten up and figure out how to win the war against the undead?

  2. Brent, I love your work. It’s even better than I remember back in the old dorms of PCC. I hope life is treating you well. I love that you continue to use your gifts.

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