30 Days of Detectives: Day 1

Well, I’m trying something new for the month of November.  A challenge, of sorts.  A personal dare, I dare say.  I’m attempting to finish a mystery novella via the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and to keep me in the zone, I’m also going to be drawing a new detective picture every day.  30 days, 30 pics.

Here I’m starting out with the ol’ classic “detective stopping an ape dressed in a tuxedo from murdering a woman while an evil circus chimp lurks nearby” schtick.  How the title relates to the picture is for you to solve.  Oh, and I just made up the name Nick Gabers, by the way.  A global apology to any and all real Nick Gabers who might be offended by this material.

In case you’re wondering what my mystery novella is about, it has nothing to do with the picture above.  It is a pulp-style story, and it does have a detective (the one and only Dick Blackstone, for those of you who know of my stuff), but no monkeys… so far.


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