Day 4

There was something so inexplicably awesome about the detectives (sorry, P.I.s) of the 80’s.  Was there anyone cooler than Magnum, Simon and Simon, or Matlock? (Okay, maybe not that last fella).  The winning combination of beaches, sports cars, short shorts, mullets and vigilante justice was perfect… for the time.  Nowadays that’s all a bit creechy, but I digress…

FYI, this is Rip Rockjaw, former USC linebacker who was framed in a drug bust by a jealous teammate thereby ending his hopes for an NFL career.  With his scholarship revoked and nowhere else to go Rip wound up as beach bum living in Venice Beach with his stodgy aunt Fay, until one day he stopped a purse snatcher.  The rest of the story practically writes itself. (Cue awesome electric guitar intro.)


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