Day 22

The thrill of a mystery resides in guessing who done it.  To create this tension there always has to be a number of suspects.  Sure the description of the killer in this case is someone who’s tall and bird-like, but that doesn’t exclude any of these folks once you start thinking out of the box.  Personally, I think the grandma did it.  She’s an avid bird-lover who raised ostriches for a living before she was forced into retirement a few years ago by Giant Corp, a manufacturer of cholesterol-free synthetic ostrich eggs.  I’ll bet she could’ve easily trained one of those ostriches to pluck out the eyes of the CEO of Giant Corp and throw him off a ten-story building.  That, or the tall, bird-like guy did it (who, by the way,  just so happens to run the “Human Eye Museum”).  Your guess is as good as mine.


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