Mystery #1

Since I’m still in the pulpy/noiry zone I decided to stick with drawing mysteries.  I’ll branch out over the next few weeks to the concepts of mysteries in general, but today’s picture is basically a continuation of the previous detective series.

Above is what I imagine to be a good old fashioned whodunit.  The tag line would be something like, “She thought she was making mincemeat pie, not mincemeat of her husband.”  The story would be simple: A woman kills her husband while under a hypnotic spell the day the circus comes to town, a circus that just happens to be staring renowned hypnotist, Salatta the Magnificent.

Is this the story of a woman who innocently murder her loving  husband while under a dastardly spell, or the story of a woman who made the most of a series of coincidences to off the man she never really loved?

Beats me.  That’s why it’s called a mystery.


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