Mystery #14


Outer space.  Or should I say, outer spaaaaaace!  The infinite unknown, the final frontier, the grandest mystery of nature.  Have you ever looked up and wondered, are we alone?

Above is a quick story of four astronauts captured by giant aliens.  They’re bound and forced to watch the destruction of earth.  “You will be allowed to live,” the slug-like emperor, Gleb, promises, “provided you make no attempt to escape.”

But Captain Brash Granford can’t sit idly by when there’s still a chance to save mankind!

“No!” says his second in command, Susan Gallicknick, who was secretly looking forward to restarting the human race with the impetuous captain.

“Yikes!” says corporal Howie Corbin, brought along on this space mission to clean dishes and provide mild comic relief.

“Fools,” mutters Dr. Razinoff under his breath.  Then the Russian-born doctor begins to chuckle to himself as if he knows something the others don’t.

The title of this dime-novel space opera:  “Three, Two, One, Destroy!”


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