Adventure #4

“Yo, ho! Yo, ho! A pirate’s life for me.”

Few criminal activities have been as romanticized as pirating.  Makes you wonder if in a hundred years kids will be singing songs about being in gangs.  Wait, I think they already do… but I digress.

Above is Captain Flintlock in a story called “Skullduggery!”  As you can see, he’s losing  command of his ship and his signature gun, but not for long!  Captain Flintlock’s name and reputation doesn’t just come from his weapon of choice (his real name is Hubert Corbinoff, a name no respectable pirate captain would keep), but for his fiery temper and explosive nature.  It is rumored that he once commanded a ship where the entire crew turned against him, but when that ship arrived in port Captain Flintlock was the only one to disembark.  The crew was never seen again.



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