Adventure #23

“The Dino Hunter was a free spirit who will be missed.  Born Jacques Fong Longnecker, ‘Jakey’ (as his friends called him) grew up a poor but ambitious boy in a small provincial town in northern Chinaustralia.  ‘He was always interested in lizards and whatnot… I think,” his mother said when awakened from her virtual dream to be told of his death.   Jakey’s natural curiosity culminated in the ‘Dino Hunter’s Time-Traveling 3-D  Holovision Odyssey’ which was the smash hit show of the late summer, mid-season, back up, mini-fillers of 2038.  It ran for one and a half seasons, a record run for the Discoverquest network.  Jakey and his cameraman Howie Burkow were eaten to death during the taping of his show on February 13th by an irate T-Rex.  The last episode aired two minutes later and was his highest rated, receiving over two million Tweetbook ‘kinda likes’ in two hours.”

–Excerpt from the Dino Hunter’s obituary which ran across the middle ticker on the bottom of the Fox News Syndicate


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