Adventure #25

Paranormal investigators, Baines and Fenn, entered the room of a thousand souls carefully and quietly.

“Slowly, now,” Fenn warned her partner.  “Ten people have already disappeared since this phenomenon manifested itself at this creepy hotel.”

Like a whirlpool forming in the ocean, the convergence of hundreds of ghosts in one place has created a spacial anomaly that only the best investigators of the Ministry of St. Croix can stop.

Bains, who was just about to tell Fenn that he loves her even though it was her serial killer father who murdered his family,  but that he has cancer so they can never truly be together, only manages to say, “Blimey, it’s dark in here,” before he’s snatched away into the darkness.

“No!” Fenn called out watching her partner being pulled away into the great void by… the soul of her dead father!

“The Ministry of St. Croix” ran only one season on the BBC, so Baines remains lost in the land of the dead to this day.


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