Adventure #29

Blake Manoff dove for the thumb drive containing the map of the Irishtistan nuclear facility.  The heat of the explosion burned at his back.  The dry desert air burned in his eyes.  The memory of the woman who betrayed him burned in his heart.

“Nothing will bring Jaxon back,” he reminded himself, the image of his beheaded partner still swimming in his mind, “but this will make them sorry they killed him.”

By shear willpower alone, Blake managed to grab hold of the ledge of the twenty story building.  His gun went clattering down into the narrow streets below, but now he had it. He had them.

As Blake went to pull himself up a thick, black boot stepped on his fingers.  “Not so fast, Manoff,” a familiar voice said.

A wave of horror passed over Blake’s normally calm and controlled features as he looked up into the eyes of Jaxon.

“No reason to lose your head over this matter, is there?” his once-dead partner said with a grin.


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