Feats of Manliness #4

There is no more visceral instinct than to kill, and no more primal connection to life than to eat that kill.  Men are by nature hunters.

Above, Thog protects his kill from another of nature’s fierce hunters.  Back then, it was battles like these, won and lost over twitching carcasses, that made men men.

What would Thog think now that the title “hunter” is most often proceeded by words like “bargain,” “job” or “house”?


5 thoughts on “Feats of Manliness #4

  1. Ah, yes, and what would Thog think of eating organic, vegan, tofu burgers on a sprouted 9-grain gluten-free chapati bread with star fruit soy gelato for dessert? Food (pun intended) for thought.

    1. Ironically, he’d also be told that it was “more organic” and “wholesome.” What nature intended us to eat.

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