Feats of Manliness #5

Loneliness is a hallmark of manhood.

We’re born alone, we’ll die alone, and in-between we highly value the ability to survive in this world by our wits, strength and fortitude alone.

It is in the lonely places that a man can truly think, create, forge the definition of who he really is, and even encounter God.  Thomas Wolfe called solitude the “central and inevitable experience of every man.”  We all but gravitate to it.  In fact, for many cultures solitude is the very right of passage to manhood.  Aristotle theorized that loneliness is how men are able to connect with the most basic elements of life (wild beasts live a lonely, unaided existence) and the highest ideal (who is more isolated than a perfect God?).

Above, Mitchell Owens, walks away from yet another town with his horse, Ranger, his gun, Molly, and his thoughts.  The experience will soon become but another notch on his rifle, another scratch on his heart, another tick mark on his soul as he disappears into the desert, alone.


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