Feats of Manliness #7

Hand to hand combat is the most primitive form of fighting there is.  One’s ability to physically overpower another in a good old-fashioned wrastlin’ match is, and always has been, a sure sign of manliness.

Rugged displays of this form of manliness has been celebrated, exonerated, and incorporated into virtually every culture across the globe.  And in the Americas in particular, wrestling has risen to astronomical levels of popularity and pageantry in the last fifty years.

Above, Demonio Negro battles the Fuego de Doble utilizing his signature move: The Tortilla Rota.  First he stacks his opponents up like tortillas, then he launches himself from the top rope and crushes them into bite-sized “fritas.”

After the crushing blow is delivered and the mandatory “oohs” and “ahhs” have subsided, Demonio Negro will strut around the ring, arms raised in victory, and the crowd will respond in unison saying, “Mmmm… muy delicioso!”

In the ring, the luchador experiences the same taste of victory that man has known since the beginning of time: a fine blend of blood and sweat, topped with a heaping helping of adulation.

Delicious, indeed.


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