Why “The Avengers” Was Awesome: Reason #1

Hulk not suck.

Three movies later, they get the big, green guy right.  Yay.

Mark Ruffalo does a great job playing a man with a love/hate relationship with the monster that he really is.  The anger is palpable in both Banner and the Hulk.  His rage defines his actions, both as Banner (trying to hold it back or deny it) and as the Hulk (relentless smashing of friend or foe).  Also, I liked the allusion that the Hulk wants to keep Banner around, possibly for a greater purpose.  Cool.


2 thoughts on “Why “The Avengers” Was Awesome: Reason #1

  1. I elaborated on it over on my end of the blogosphere so I won’t rattle my rant off again here — but don’t you think Ruffalo’s Banner was a tip o’ the hat to Bixby? I was initially afraid of that, and in the end I liked it very much.

    1. Definitely! In fact, he reminded me of ol’ Bill B. so much so that I was disappointed at the end of the film that he didn’t wander off alone (cue piano music). It was the only out of character moment for him, I thought.

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