Why “The Avengers” Was Awesome: Reason #3

It’s all about the characters.

A well told story tells you a whole lot with very little.  A few moments, a few lines, a few sketches of their history and hints at their future and the audience begins to believe that they know them.

In “The Avengers” not only does each character get his/her moment in the spotlight, but each one is distinct, defined and interesting.

Black Widow is in control (or is she?), Bruce Banner is a ticking time bomb, Captain America is everything good from the Greatest Generation and Iron Man is a punk-ass playboy, and each one says so… literally.  So much characterization delivered in so few words is truly a thing of beauty.


One thought on “Why “The Avengers” Was Awesome: Reason #3

  1. Man, I’m glad we’re on the same page here; you know how much I love those poignant one-liners, and “The Avengers” was a testament to how action and characterization can actually coexist on screen — and all without some overwhelming feeling of pathos or tragedy! In fact, Stark’s suggestion that the Hulk is saving Banner’s life is a great overall theme of their powers as gifts, not burdens, best used to help people — what a contrast to a certain whiny wall-crawler . . .!

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