After the Apocalypse #1

After the apocalypse… Jim spends most of his time defending his store of cat food against those who would take it from him.


I’m working on the second part of my Dog Town comic book (a western sci-fi epic which takes place after a massive cataclysm, of course), so I thought I’d do a new series featuring situations that will undoubtedly take place after a world-ending event.

Got an idea for a sketch?  Leave a comment on any of the drawings in this series and hopefully I’ll have time to get around to it.


2 thoughts on “After the Apocalypse #1

  1. I think every good world-ending story should have ZOMBIES! actually I think zombies are good in every story. Ive considered putting zombies in the the Bible, but Im not ready to go to hell over it…yet.

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