Ninja Bill vs. Ernie “Spider Crab” Gonzales

Deep underneath the Atlantic Ocean lies Bubble City, home of the Walking Fish.  Their king, Imbadu, fiercely protects their kingdom from undersea invaders with the help of his fearless army and his trustworthy second lieutenant, Jeremy.

But one day, the Army of Walking Fish encounter a threat that can’t be defeated.  It’s a radioactive crab bandit from Cincinnati named Ernie “Spider Crab” Gonzales.

King Imbadu quickly realizes there is only one person that can save them, so he sends Jeremy to the surface world to find….

Ninja Bill!


Author’s Note: Too many zany elements for one story?  Yeah, that’s what happens when your plot points are made up by two grade school boys.  Kids have boundless imagination.  An army of Walking Fish? Sure, why not (“They have feet so they can walk, that’s why their called walking fish,” is the explanation I get.).  A Walking Fish named Jeremy?  Of course!  Cincinnati?  That’s a word they know, let’s throw that in too.  Awesome.


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