After the Apocalypse #1

After the apocalypse… Jim spends most of his time defending his store of cat food against those who would take it from him.


I’m working on the second part of my Dog Town comic book (a western sci-fi epic which takes place after a massive cataclysm, of course), so I thought I’d do a new series featuring situations that will undoubtedly take place after a world-ending event.

Got an idea for a sketch?  Leave a comment on any of the drawings in this series and hopefully I’ll have time to get around to it.


White Chimp: page 3

White Chimp: page 1

Provided I can get this one drawn and inked in time, I’ll also be including my steampunk adventure in my Comic-Con material.

Upcoming Attractions

A few previews of upcoming comics that I’ll be adding into the latest compilation as teasers: The Resurrectionists, Ace Bolt, The Jack Rubies and Johnny Mule.

Who is Mr. Q?

Mr. Q rocks.  No one knows who he is.  He carries a dart gun.  He has a menacing smirk.  Good stuff.  I’m not exactly sure what a “Fifth Columnist” is, but if I were one, I’d be scared, too.  You can see the original here.

The Eagle

I love this guy’s headgear.  And, does he fly?  Who cares!  He’s got wings and fights amoebas.