Looking for a good read?


Just a reminder that I launched my Kickstarter project for my graphic novel, “10.”

It’s a book about an ordinary guy given a super-powered suit only to find that he’s trapped in a game fought to the death (bah-bah-baaammm!). Think “The Greatest American Hero” meets “Highlander.”

Check out my website for a short preview.

Kickstarter project launched for my graphic novel, “10”


Howdy, all. I’ve just launched a Kickstarter project for my graphic novel, “10.” Give it look and support it if you’re so inclined. You can also check out a preview of the first few pages here. Thanks!

Seasons change, people change…

Photo Oct 08, 9 01 42 AM

The original Fantastic Four were the four seasons. From ancient times man has watched the world change and assigned personality and purpose to what he’d witnessed. Like superheroes of today we have long celebrated the superhuman feats of The Fall, Winter Blast, Summer Heatwave and May Flowers.


Kent Caught

Photo Oct 02, 11 03 42 PM

Ever wonder why Clark Kent changed into his Superman costume in a phone booth? He wanted to get caught, that’s why. Don’t we all want others to see how we’ve changed? Don’t we all want others to see through our flimsy glasses and suit coat disguises to the person we truly are inside?