Mash-ups: Steampunk Classic Literature #1

This next series of mash-ups is going to be taking a steampunk perspective on classic literature.  First up, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Here, Huck and J.I.M. sail along the Missouri skies without a care in the world.

Leave me a comment if there’s any classics you want to see mashed into steampunk.

Adventure #30

What better way to end this adventure series than with a duel with the devil?  Above is Johnny, the fiddle player, matching his bow-sawing skills against Satan’s. Play, Johnny, play!

Adventure #27

The skeleton warrior sprang out of the darkness, screeching like a banshee.  Baldric backed up and successfully fended off its first blow.

“If this is all there is to my test, it will be easy,” he thought.

The creature moved slowly, it’s joints clicking against each other and its armor clanking against itself as it tried to flank him.  Baldric’s nostrils filled with the smell of damp mold as the skeleton leaned in close for another attack.  The young warrior swung his blade and sent a skull bouncing across the stone floor.  The rest of the bones fell to the ground with a clatter.

“Is that all, wizard?” Baldric called out.  “Have you nothing more to show me?”

Suddenly the room came alive with the sounds of clicking and clanking, and the darkness filled with the smell of damp mold.

Adventure #25

Paranormal investigators, Baines and Fenn, entered the room of a thousand souls carefully and quietly.

“Slowly, now,” Fenn warned her partner.  “Ten people have already disappeared since this phenomenon manifested itself at this creepy hotel.”

Like a whirlpool forming in the ocean, the convergence of hundreds of ghosts in one place has created a spacial anomaly that only the best investigators of the Ministry of St. Croix can stop.

Bains, who was just about to tell Fenn that he loves her even though it was her serial killer father who murdered his family,  but that he has cancer so they can never truly be together, only manages to say, “Blimey, it’s dark in here,” before he’s snatched away into the darkness.

“No!” Fenn called out watching her partner being pulled away into the great void by… the soul of her dead father!

“The Ministry of St. Croix” ran only one season on the BBC, so Baines remains lost in the land of the dead to this day.

Adventure #24

The greatest adventure of all is love.  Mordon the Terrible knows this all too well.

He used to be known as Mordon the Tailor, or Mordon the Tinker, some just called him Mordon the Useful.  He mended whatever was brought to him in his little shop in the village.  But one day his his true love died and he found himself with a broken heart, one that he could not fix.

So it was life that he sought to repair.  Death had broken it, Mordon would fix it.

Thus the tinker learned the dark arts, the tailor became a sorcerer, and Mordon used his new skills to try to bring his true love back to life.

But the forces that control such things are not so easy to control.

A dark shadow is now cast across the village.  The shadow of Mordon the Terrible.

Adventure #18

No adventure series is complete without a mouse being involved.  Whether they’re chewing through ropes, carrying messages, or even doing battle with giant sewer rats on behalf of kidnapped princesses, mice are essential to any good plot.

Adventure #5

Meet Jefferson Colt, fastest gun in the west.  Here he is taking down the Boot Hill Gang, the violent ruffians who’d been terrorizing Centerville for months.  Six outlaws, six shots, one rule… never cross Jefferson Colt!

Adventure #2

Behold! Roger Corbinson, the Most Daring Flying Ace of World War I!!

The craziest thing about the dogfights of the first world war to me wasn’t that a generation of men who’d been raised with their primary transportation being a horse and carriage had the bravado to get into a canvas and wood tube with a propeller and fly hundreds of feet in the open air, it was that within fifteen years of its invention the primary use of the airplane was to kill someone.  Like some modern day Icarus, we just don’t seem to be allowed to climb up to the sun and enjoy the freedom.   We create our own freedom and our own destruction simultaneously.