After the Apocalypse #8

After the apocalypse… Jerry worked twice as hard because the company really did depend entirely on him

After the Apocalypse #7

After the apocalypse… Moog will rise from the swamps of toxic debris. Moog will walk the earth destroying all he sees. Moog will reign supreme.

After the Apocalypse #6

After the apocalypse… Rodney had a dance party with all the alien overlords, just because he could.  Heeeyyy!  Hooo!

After the Apocalypse #3

After the apocalypse… Melissa kept attending her morning yoga class in the park until she found enlightenment.

After the Apocalypse #2

After the apocalypse… Gavin found a use for all those sweet video game moves he’d learned.


Per Nat’s suggestion.  Enjoy!

After the Apocalypse #1

After the apocalypse… Jim spends most of his time defending his store of cat food against those who would take it from him.


I’m working on the second part of my Dog Town comic book (a western sci-fi epic which takes place after a massive cataclysm, of course), so I thought I’d do a new series featuring situations that will undoubtedly take place after a world-ending event.

Got an idea for a sketch?  Leave a comment on any of the drawings in this series and hopefully I’ll have time to get around to it.

Adventure #14

Everyday at 8:00 AM Jonathan Newbin shows up to work.  He processes unpaid back tax reports for KL&P Financial.  At noon he eats his lunch in the third floor lunch room.  (It’s the quietest one.)  At five o’clock he leaves for home.

Jonathan Newbin is a good employee.  Jonathan Newbin loves what he does.  The only thing Jonathan Newbin hates about his job is the commute.  It’s killer.

3rd Avenue is simply jam packed with zombies nowadays, and forget about crossing the Hanson Bridge now that the East Side Militants control it.  That leaves 10th Street as his only option, and he can’t get by without being attacked by at least one mutant cannibal a day.

Things just haven’t been the same since the world ended.

Mystery #16

Welcome to 2012, the year the world is supposed to end… again.  Every once in a while the end of the world gets predicted, but none is more anticipated than the Mayan Calendar prediction of total earthly destruction on 12.21.12.

Above is the story of a few, select Green Beret troops sent back in time (with a doddering, bearded scientist as a historical guide, of course) to stop the predicted Mayan Apocalypse, whose origins have been traced back to a single human sacrifice by a wicked high priest to the god Bolon Yokte’ in 950 AD.  The blood of the Sofia-Vergara-esqe beautiful princess is the only thing capable of waking the terrible god of war, who will take exactly 1062 years to travel from the underworld to our world.