Ninja Bill vs. Icky Sticky Ape

Meet the maniacal, mad, monstrosity known as the Icky Sticky Ape!  He had four arms, but then one got cut off by Ninja Bill in a fight that took place over a lava pit, so now he only has three.  His favorite attack phrase is, “Time to destroy!”  In fact, that’s his only phrase… in English.  He mostly speaks gorilla.


Ninja Bill vs. Mouse Cheese

Who is Mouse Cheese?  What is he up to?  What is he after?

Ninja Bill tries to solve this mysterious miniature malcontent’s modus operandi while dodging a hailstorm of Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar and Provolone!

PS: Thought I’d jump in on Inktober.  Awesome idea.


Ninja Bill vs. Freakjaw

He’s part werewolf, part man, and another part werewolf… but all monster!  He’s Freakjaw and Ninja Bill has to try and defeat him on his way to rescue his friend, Bun Bun Foo, who is being held captive in Lava Castle (which is a castle with a lava river flowing through it, in case you’re wondering how it got its name).

Will Ninja Bill make it on time, or will he lose to this leering, loathsome lycanthrope?

FYI… the “W.W” on Freakjaw’s belt buckle stands for “werewolf.”  My second oldest son wanted to make it clear to everyone that Freakjaw was indeed a werewolf.  Belt buckles never lie.


Ninja Bill vs. Sharkbones

In this adventure Ninja Bill (a.k.a. William Handstand) battles underwater against Sharkbones, ruler of the deep.

After learning how to hold his breath “as long as the docile but fierce porpoise” from his master, Sensei Sensei, Ninja Bill swam into the deepest part of the ocean to find the “amulet of power” stolen by the merciless, mean and generally unlikeable bad-guy, Sharkbones.

My sons thought that Sharkbones should be all bones, but this is his origin story (plus that’s a lot harder to draw).

Ninja Bill vs. Bunkerhead

Lately my sons and I have been making up our own bedtime stories.  We mostly talk about a character we made up named Ninja Bill (his non-ninja name is William Handstand), and he fights bad guys all around the world (particularly places with lava).  The next few posts will chronicle a few of his epic battles.

Up first: bank-robber and mobster, Bunkerhead!