Whatcha been drawing lately? Wizards!



I’m close to finishing the latest issue of my comic book: “10.”

Above is a panel chuck full of the three wizards who show up about halfway through.

What do wizards have to do with a superhero comic? Well, you’ll have to wait to find out…

Adventure #24

The greatest adventure of all is love.  Mordon the Terrible knows this all too well.

He used to be known as Mordon the Tailor, or Mordon the Tinker, some just called him Mordon the Useful.  He mended whatever was brought to him in his little shop in the village.  But one day his his true love died and he found himself with a broken heart, one that he could not fix.

So it was life that he sought to repair.  Death had broken it, Mordon would fix it.

Thus the tinker learned the dark arts, the tailor became a sorcerer, and Mordon used his new skills to try to bring his true love back to life.

But the forces that control such things are not so easy to control.

A dark shadow is now cast across the village.  The shadow of Mordon the Terrible.