Kickin’ It

In case you haven’t had the chance to visit my graphic novel Kickstarter project, here’s the video overview of the story. Enjoy!


Chase scene


The latest from my (soon to be finished) graphic novel, “10.”

I Feel The Need for Speed (Cameron)

One more plug for my buddy Russ of Amazing Arizona Comics fame.

Below are colored and uncolored pin-ups I drew of one of his comic book characters, Speed Cameron, a guy who’s superpowers originate with a mix up involving a speed camera.

Yep. That’s how it happens.



Go here to read the latest adventures of Speed Cameron.

Starting to color my new (old) comic book


I’ve just started coloring the first issue of my comic book “10”. I’ll put up a site dedicated to it… one of these days. Until then, keep a lookout here…