Mash-ups: Steampunk Classic Literature #4

Arguably one of the most influential fictional books ever written, Homer’s The Odyssey chronicles one man’s journey to return home despite innumerable perils (most of which are hurled at him via the gods).  Above is depicted the moment where Ulysses prepares a sharp wooden stick to poke out the eye of Polyphemus, the mechanical cyclops.   Ouch.


Adventure #15

When Najid was told that he could have the princess’ hand in marriage if he retrieved the eye of Mahaz from the cave of the treasure of Pukhraaj, he thought he was being sent to steal a giant emerald or ruby of some kind.  He didn’t know that “the eye” was the actual, singular eye of a giant, four-armed cyclops named Mahaz.

As Najid slowly entered the cave with his sword held aloft, he wondered if the Sultan intended the promise of his daughter’s hand to be just as literal.

Adventure #9

Luck is integral to any good adventure.  The hero finds a gun by chance.  The detective stumbles upon a clue.  The guard just happens to look the opposite direction so the spy can pass by.

Luck was also the entry point for many of the adventures of my generation’s youth.  Luck in the form of a twelve-sided dice, to be precise.  The right roll could increase your barbarian’s magic blade melee attack +20, or get you eaten by a troll.  The tumble of the die literally made and unmade your world.

Above Randy and Roger Walthwaite play a classic round of Dungeons and Dragons.  They should be out trying their luck with the young ladies, but right now they need to see if a 17th level cyclops can be brought down by conjuring an energy storm via their 3rd level Elvin wizard.  Their fate lies in the roll of the dice!