Magicman: Forbidden Worlds

He’s immortal.  He has magic powers.  He wears green tights.  It seems to me that after a few hundred years, someone, somewhere at sometime would’ve told him that green tights aren’t cool.

Bob Phantom!

Another classic.  I love that this guy got his superhero name from a magician.  Read all about him here.

Dr. Strange

He’s a scientist who swallowed a serum that gave him superhuman strength.  Normally in comics when scientists ingest serums things go wrong. Nice to know it worked out well for this guy.

Buckskin and Talon

One of the best things about this hero is that he’s a high school principal.  School administrators may be dull, but school administrators with pet eagles and  heroic frontier garb are awesome!

The Fighting Yank: Startling Comics

Startling Comics didn’t pull any punches.  Look at the layers of fun on this cover. A hero wearing a magic tri-corner hat and cloak that give him super strength and who is guided by the ghost of his grandfather (a murdered patriot) is saving a girl from involuntarily performing a human sacrifice who is obviously being controlled by a magician while members of an Egyptian death cult look on.  Aside from a monkey or a robot, this story has it all! (I’ll bet the guys in hoods are monkeys and robots now that I think about it). Read more about the Fighting Yank here.

Captain Future: Startling Comics

Not to be confused with the Pulp hero, this Captain Future was a scientist who bathed himself in infrared and gamma rays to give him super human strength.  Nothing like a nice refreshing radioactive shower to start your day of fighting crime!  Read one of his stories here.

Flagman and Rusty

When the army just won’t suffice you send in Flagman! So tough he doesn’t even need sleeves!

White Streak

How much awesomeness can you pack into a superhero?  Well,  he’s an android… created by an ancient South American civilization… who fights Nazis… and eventually joins the FBI.  None.  None more awesomeness can be included.  Read more for yourself.

Who is Mr. Q?

Mr. Q rocks.  No one knows who he is.  He carries a dart gun.  He has a menacing smirk.  Good stuff.  I’m not exactly sure what a “Fifth Columnist” is, but if I were one, I’d be scared, too.  You can see the original here.

The Red Panther

Kinda like the Phantom only more… red and panthery.  Comic Book Catacombs has nice scans of his adventures.

The Eagle

I love this guy’s headgear.  And, does he fly?  Who cares!  He’s got wings and fights amoebas.

Tabu, Wizard of the Jungle

This comic book hero totally rocks.  He’s a wizard… in a jungle.  And his magic powers?  His enhanced sixth sense.  Find out more about him here or here.

The Atom

I like this comic book Atom better than the one that persists today.  This guy was small, tough and wore sweet shorts.

Mr. Scarlet!

A superhero with a mustache.  Why didn’t this character rocket to the same heights of fame as Superman?  A mustache is a way better disguise than glasses.

Read one of his adventures here.

Thrilling Comics

What’s not to love about this cover? A skull-faced bad guy with a snake in hand.  A thug with a giant hammer.  A hero with awesome hair.  A giant, enraged gorilla.  A damsel in distress.  Quite possibly the best combination of comic book elements ever.

Kaanga, White Lord of the Jungle

Is it pronounced Ka-ang-a, or Konga, or Khanga, or Kanga?  You decide!

The Fox

The Fox is the only comic book character I’ve ever felt would be best described as “svelte.” And, no, this is not Batman Beyond.

The Moon-Man

The lack of pants on this classic character puts him awfully close to the double entendre category of superhero names.

The Face!

This superhero’s crime fighting technique: ugliness.  How cool is that?  It’s like taking Batman’s “superstitious and cowardly lot” shtick the extra mile.  Don’t just scare them, freak them out!  You can read more about The Face here.

Mr. Justice

Before there was the Specter, there was Mr. Justice.  Ancient British Royalty back from the dead to deliver fist-fulls of vengeance on the collective jaw of crime.  Awesome.

The Invincible Ibis

Ibis, pictured here wielding his Ibistick, is a magician superhero whose origins are in ancient Egypt (ooooh, ahhhh).  You can read about his origins yourself here.

Marvelo, Monarch of Magicians

“Marvelo, the monarch of all magicians – has thrown his darkly blazing eyes that gleam so hypnotically, his lean hands that move with such blinding speed, all of his concentrated force and will – into the eternal struggle between good and evil – fighting always for true justice!”

Below is a page from Big Shot Comics #1 (1940) which provided me the inspiration for this picture. If anyone can give me a reasonable explanation for his oafish yellow companion, Zee, I’d love to hear it.