Werewolf? There. Wolf.

Photo Oct 02, 10 00 39 AM

In participation in #Inktober this year, I’m doing the theme of changes.

Sir Jasper Goodney didn’t think that the stray dog bite he got a month ago would change him into a bloodthirsty werewolf who would murder everyone he invited to his birthday party.

We all change, like it or not. How have you changed this year?

Ninja Bill vs. The Fun Size Gang

It’s Halloween, and that means Ninja Bill has to try to avoid receiving the nastiest trick of all — a bashing from Batuza, a zonking from Zomboy, a plunking from Lil’ Punkin, and a beating from BooGhost.

The Fun Size Gang is a group of tiny, notorious candy bandits who wreak havoc on Big City once a year.  Ninja Bill has yet to stop them from snatching his Snickers, wrecking his Reese’s, or mashing his M&Ms, but this year he has a trick to play on them.

On Halloween, anyone can be dressed up like Ninja Bill, and Ninja Bill can be dressed up like anyone.  So, is the Fun Size Gang attacking the right person?

Highlights from San Diego Comic Con #3

Nothing beats the melee of costume madness marching through the hallways of the San Diego Convention Center.  It’s like nerd Halloween… for four and a half days.

For those of you thinking of dressing up for next year, here’s a few tips to make your costume stand out:

1. Mix It Up:  Stormtroopers are a dime a dozen at Comic Con.  Princess Leias?  More than you can count.  There’s even a handful of Darth Vaders.  So what’s a Star Wars fan to do?  Start mixing and matching genres.  How about Boba Fett dressed as Elvis?  Or a medieval samurai Sith?  Ever wonder what a cowboy-steampunk-Jawa might look like?  Time to find out.

2. Dead Ringer:  Do your friends think you look like a celebrity (particularly one that has starred in a superhero, sci-fi  or cult hit)? Then you’re halfway there.  Do you have the same build as Adam West? Go find a 60’s Batman costume.  Look anything like Patrick Stewart?  Then find a wheelchair or a black and yellow onesie.  Often mistaken as Lou Ferrigno?  Eh, probably not.  Set the green paint down and put your shirt back on… quickly.

3. Out From Obscurity:  Come dressed as one of your favorite side characters,  minor villains or long-lost golden age heroes.  Don’t worry, someone will rack their brain trying to figure out who you are, and when they do, you’ll make their day.

4. D.Y.O.T (Do Your Own Thang): Why conform to The Man’s predefined, corporate, white-washed definition of superhero?  Be your own invention.  Sure you’ll get weird looks, but isn’t that how people would react to a real-life mutant with glowing green skin and a headband named Draxel Fin the Glom God of Zon?