Adventure #19

Remember when heroes were brave just to be, you know, brave?  Me neither.  That era ended long before my time.

I’m talking about the days when tough, hardy men did the right thing just ‘cuz.  None of this ironic, Byronic, sardonic inner struggle crap.  No one was a bad guy doing the right thing, nor a good guy doing the wrong thing.  They were just men of valor (look it up, it still means something).

Evil was done by real villains, too.  Not bad guys who missed having mommies and probably would’ve been the good guy’s best friend had they just gotten a hug at the right time.  I’m talking about the days when bloodless, merciless fiends violently and relentlessly pursued total world dominance.

Above is a tribute to when the pure of heart looked the black, empty void of hatred in the face and said, “Bringeth it on!”