Duel Monsters: An Awesome Trading Card Game

Recently I’ve been taking the trading card game (“Duel Monsters“) invented by my two grade-school-age boys, and turning their drawings into actual cards. Below are some samples of the their original drawing and the new cards:



You can check out the Duel Monsters blog for more…



Mystery #15

How powerful is the human mind?  Can it really foresee the future?  Can it see through locked doors hundreds of miles away?  Can it lift and move objects?  Can it tell what you are thinking right now?  Will we ever truly know?

Above is the Great Zanzini, magician extraordinaire, or fraud.  Is he lifting the crystal ball with his mind, or with air blown through a mechanism hidden under the table?  You decide.

The Invincible Ibis

Ibis, pictured here wielding his Ibistick, is a magician superhero whose origins are in ancient Egypt (ooooh, ahhhh).  You can read about his origins yourself here.

Marvelo, Monarch of Magicians

“Marvelo, the monarch of all magicians – has thrown his darkly blazing eyes that gleam so hypnotically, his lean hands that move with such blinding speed, all of his concentrated force and will – into the eternal struggle between good and evil – fighting always for true justice!”

Below is a page from Big Shot Comics #1 (1940) which provided me the inspiration for this picture. If anyone can give me a reasonable explanation for his oafish yellow companion, Zee, I’d love to hear it.