A Smashing Good Time

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Cover for issue #6 of my comic book, “10.”

Into the deep

Photo Oct 12, 11 06 13 PM

She was saying hello. He only heard goodbye. Ever since the change he could no longer stay on the surface. He could only sink further and further into the deep.


Becoming the monster

Photo Oct 03, 11 15 29 PM

Sometimes the most terrifying thing about change is when we see it coming–creeping up inside us, overtaking our minds.

In the 1960’s a group of former Nazi scientists ran experiments on German soldiers in an effort to give them supernatural strength and stamina. Everyone of the test subjects eventually went mad. The scientists could never determine if the insanity was caused by the chemicals, or the fact that the soldiers consciously realized what they had become in the process.

What have you become in the process of change? Are you terrified?