Becoming the monster

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Sometimes the most terrifying thing about change is when we see it coming–creeping up inside us, overtaking our minds.

In the 1960’s a group of former Nazi scientists ran experiments on German soldiers in an effort to give them supernatural strength and stamina. Everyone of the test subjects eventually went mad. The scientists could never determine if the insanity was caused by the chemicals, or the fact that the soldiers consciously realized what they had become in the process.

What have you become in the process of change? Are you terrified?



Take That, Nazi Scum!

Captain America

Captain America in the classic WW2 style.

Highlights from San Diego Comic Con #1


Wondering who the #1 most talked about villain was at the San Diego Comic Con?  Darth Vader?  Nope.  The Lizard from “The Amazing Spider-man”?  Nuh-uh.  Loki from “The Avengers”?  Hardly.  Everyone from “Game of Thrones”?  Nay.  It was the Fire Marshal – a malevolent and unseen being who imposed Nazi-like restrictions on any activity that looked like resting or relaxing.

“You can’t sit there,” an A-1, top-notch, unarmed security guard (i.e. volunteer) would say to you just as you lower your aching bones, twenty pound backpack and two bags full of comics (and cheap giveaways) to the ground.

“Why not?” you’d reply.

“Because of the… (da, da, dum) FIRE MARSHAL.”

I’m sure that sitting near a door, or leaning against a wall, or walking too slowly through a hallway has been known to cause buildings to spontaneously erupt in flames, but come on.  If SDCC was a gathering of sports fanatics, or perhaps a convention organized to celebrate standing for long periods of time, then there would be no problem, but we’re just geeks geeking out on geeky stuff, man.  Let us park it for a minute.  Seriously.

Somewhere, illuminated by the back light of a controlled burn off the 8 Freeway, the Fire Marshal laughs to himself.  “Next year,” he mutters, “attendees will not even be permitted to slow down.  Four and a half days of walking! Perpetual walking!  Mwwa-ha-ha-ha!”


Adventure #26

Blame George Lucas.

Before the seminal, triumphant and amazing Raiders of the Lost Ark premiered, Nazis were just a bunch of thick-headed brutes trying to take over the world.  But the instant Belloq (Indy’s rascally archeological nemesis) opened up the Ark of the Covenant and unleashed a hot mess of face-melting-evil-smiting-ghost-lightning on the German troops gathered there, a new brand of Nazi enemy was born.

This new Nazi enemy was eager to seek out occultist artifacts on behalf of Der Fuhrer.  This new Nazi enemy blended science and religion to wage a strange and mystical type of warfare against mankind.  This new Nazi enemy saw beyond the meager dreams of Hitler and Arianism and genocide to true world domination through the summoning of ancient gods, demons of lore and dark, dark magic.

So, out with the complex and all-too-human historical Nazis, out with the stereotyped blonde lugs of 60’s and 70’s war films, and in with the enemy that’s worse than them all: the enemy that isn’t just devilish, or on the devil’s side–no, the one that can summon and control Old Scratch himself.  Bwahaha!