Girls who transform into gorillas?  Rhinos with mustaches? What is the latest issue of my comic book “10” about? You’ll soon know.

Or will you?


Feeling Punchy


Getting close to finishing the second issue of “!0“. As you can see, this rhino guy isn’ t happy. Why not?  Well, you’ll just have to wait and read the book.



Finishing up the second issue of my comic book “10”.

This guy is not happy about how “the game” is going.

Book of Monsters #1

After a little hiatus, I’m giving the last series a break and launching this one: A Book of Monsters.  Why monsters?  The world is a scary place, that’s why.

Name: Glubber Finoosh

Species: Rhino-Klang-Spikoidal (RKS)

Class: Humanoid

Characteristics: The typical RKS is known for their love of athletic wear, collections of high-end wristwatches and short tempers.  Interestingly enough, they have no curse words in their native language (or, as more and more linguistic scholars who study their species are beginning to suspect, no nice words).

Location: Warm, arid climates. Their largest community is located in New Finoosh City, Triumvirate Conglomerate, Earth (est. 3844 AD)