Duel Monsters: An Awesome Trading Card Game

Recently I’ve been taking the trading card game (“Duel Monsters“) invented by my two grade-school-age boys, and turning their drawings into actual cards. Below are some samples of the their original drawing and the new cards:



You can check out the Duel Monsters blog for more…




Action Comics: Superman Against The Man of Steel?


Colored update of my previous post.  I imagine this situation as a comic where Lex Luthor builds his own “Man of Steel” to face off against Superman. You can see it won’t end well for Lex… unless he built a whole army of them. Mwwhahahaha!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the Superman 75th anniversary animated short, watch it now. It’s awesome.

Ninja Bill vs. Robot Sheep

Manny Lamb, that nefarious, no-good Slavic shepherd, is at it again, and this time his flock goes tick tock!  It’s true! Not only are they robot sheep, but they’re also sheep bombs!

Can Ninja Bill stop this flock with his karate chop?  Or will Manny Lamb make the whole place go ka-blam?

Mash-ups: Steampunk Classic Literature #4

Arguably one of the most influential fictional books ever written, Homer’s The Odyssey chronicles one man’s journey to return home despite innumerable perils (most of which are hurled at him via the gods).  Above is depicted the moment where Ulysses prepares a sharp wooden stick to poke out the eye of Polyphemus, the mechanical cyclops.   Ouch.

Mash-ups: Steampunk Classic Literature #1

This next series of mash-ups is going to be taking a steampunk perspective on classic literature.  First up, Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  Here, Huck and J.I.M. sail along the Missouri skies without a care in the world.

Leave me a comment if there’s any classics you want to see mashed into steampunk.