Mash-ups: Star Wars Pirates #3

Lord Vader (Zhǔ de fùqīn) emerges like a black ghost through the billowing smoke of residual canon fire after his massive, 150-gun Imperial Chinese warship, the Star Chaser, overtakes a English rebel frigate.  The black-clad samurai is flanked by an elite fighting force of white-armored, kabuki-masked pirates called Fēngyún.  They make short work of their enemies.

Adventure #12

In the land of Yoboshishi the sky is always turquoise blue, the kittens are always bubble gum pink, and the blood is always ruby red.

Hammi Hammi, kitten samurai, drops on her enemies in a blur of fluff and death.  Her fiercesome battle cry is the last sound her enemies will ever hear: “Me-ya!”