Adventure #11

This adventure is called “One Night In Moscow.”

It’s the winter of 1968 and international super spy, Roger Wright (whose catchphrase is, “I’m never wrong”), stands perched on the ledge of the Khalibastardstan Embassy in Moscow holding the stolen plans of the warmongering General Hutzpah.

All Roger has to do is get those documents over to his Russian informant by midnight and the General’s military coup can be stopped.  But as Roger stands still as the stones he’s pressed against in the bitter cold night air, silently watching his enemies search in vain for the documents, he fails to notice one small piece of paper drift away into the darkness.  One small piece of paper with the kind of information on it that could start another world war — a war that could only end in total nuclear annihilation.

Who is Mr. Q?

Mr. Q rocks.  No one knows who he is.  He carries a dart gun.  He has a menacing smirk.  Good stuff.  I’m not exactly sure what a “Fifth Columnist” is, but if I were one, I’d be scared, too.  You can see the original here.