Kent Caught

Photo Oct 02, 11 03 42 PM

Ever wonder why Clark Kent changed into his Superman costume in a phone booth? He wanted to get caught, that’s why. Don’t we all want others to see how we’ve changed? Don’t we all want others to see through our flimsy glasses and suit coat disguises to the person we truly are inside?


Action Comics: Superman Against The Man of Steel?


Colored update of my previous post.  I imagine this situation as a comic where Lex Luthor builds his own “Man of Steel” to face off against Superman. You can see it won’t end well for Lex… unless he built a whole army of them. Mwwhahahaha!

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the Superman 75th anniversary animated short, watch it now. It’s awesome.

Highlights from San Diego Comic Con #2

Is that Superman and a Stormtrooper taking a picture of each other?  Hells yeah.

Comic Con = Mind blowing levels of fandom.