Why “The Avengers” Was Awesome: Reason #3

It’s all about the characters.

A well told story tells you a whole lot with very little.  A few moments, a few lines, a few sketches of their history and hints at their future and the audience begins to believe that they know them.

In “The Avengers” not only does each character get his/her moment in the spotlight, but each one is distinct, defined and interesting.

Black Widow is in control (or is she?), Bruce Banner is a ticking time bomb, Captain America is everything good from the Greatest Generation and Iron Man is a punk-ass playboy, and each one says so… literally.  So much characterization delivered in so few words is truly a thing of beauty.

Why “The Avengers” Was Awesome: Reason #1

Hulk not suck.

Three movies later, they get the big, green guy right.  Yay.

Mark Ruffalo does a great job playing a man with a love/hate relationship with the monster that he really is.  The anger is palpable in both Banner and the Hulk.  His rage defines his actions, both as Banner (trying to hold it back or deny it) and as the Hulk (relentless smashing of friend or foe).  Also, I liked the allusion that the Hulk wants to keep Banner around, possibly for a greater purpose.  Cool.