Werewolf? There. Wolf.

Photo Oct 02, 10 00 39 AM

In participation in #Inktober this year, I’m doing the theme of changes.

Sir Jasper Goodney didn’t think that the stray dog bite he got a month ago would change him into a bloodthirsty werewolf who would murder everyone he invited to his birthday party.

We all change, like it or not. How have you changed this year?

Ninja Bill vs. Freakjaw

He’s part werewolf, part man, and another part werewolf… but all monster!  He’s Freakjaw and Ninja Bill has to try and defeat him on his way to rescue his friend, Bun Bun Foo, who is being held captive in Lava Castle (which is a castle with a lava river flowing through it, in case you’re wondering how it got its name).

Will Ninja Bill make it on time, or will he lose to this leering, loathsome lycanthrope?

FYI… the “W.W” on Freakjaw’s belt buckle stands for “werewolf.”  My second oldest son wanted to make it clear to everyone that Freakjaw was indeed a werewolf.  Belt buckles never lie.


Mystery #8

There are few things more mysterious than teenagers.  We all were one at some point, yet none of us can explain exactly what we were thinking and why we did what we did.  Maybe that’s why the 1957 landmark film pictured above has become such a cultural touchstone (at least it’s naming convention did).