Ninja Bill vs. The Fun Size Gang

It’s Halloween, and that means Ninja Bill has to try to avoid receiving the nastiest trick of all — a bashing from Batuza, a zonking from Zomboy, a plunking from Lil’ Punkin, and a beating from BooGhost.

The Fun Size Gang is a group of tiny, notorious candy bandits who wreak havoc on Big City once a year.  Ninja Bill has yet to stop them from snatching his Snickers, wrecking his Reese’s, or mashing his M&Ms, but this year he has a trick to play on them.

On Halloween, anyone can be dressed up like Ninja Bill, and Ninja Bill can be dressed up like anyone.  So, is the Fun Size Gang attacking the right person?

After the Apocalypse #2

After the apocalypse… Gavin found a use for all those sweet video game moves he’d learned.


Per Nat’s suggestion.  Enjoy!